Domingo Penyalver: MSc. Civil Engineer with more than 17 years of experience. Currently, as researcher in the field of Transport Economics and Transport Infrastructure Financing at CENIT’s, he is involved in research projects related to front-end project management and the impact of financing externalties on society’s welfare. On the other hand, as consultant, he focuses on governance enhancement and transport pricing. Previously, he performed different roles related to planning and urban design, transport planning, urban mobility, project management, control and monitoring of large transport infrastructure projects, etc.

He will present soon his PhD thesis within the Department of Transport and Urban Planning of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. His research classifies, properly, redistributive effects from major transport investments (social, environmental and territorial) and identifies, for first time, the intergenerational redistribution effects. Further, he has developed a new disruptive microeconomic model to take into account intergenerational redistribution from major investment projects within both project management and decision-making processes that allows to analyse whether the effective payments made by one generation of users and taxpayers concerned by a project, which are determined by the financial structure of the project, are not aligned with the net socio-economic benefits affecting the same generation. This analysis offers new insights that are useful to appraise whether there is a lack of a minimum “generational socio-economic consistency”, i.e. whether there is a risk of investing in projects that could become unproductive (a drag on the economy), and eases the appraisal of economic-financing equilibrium in the long term for transport infrastructure concessions. His research has been funded by the European Investment Bank through its prestigious Knowledge Program (STAREBEI).