Working papers

CENIT-WP-2019-02 The Irruption of the Electric Scooter. A case study of Mobility Implications in Barcelona. Authors: Gasparín, F., Majoral, G. and Saurí, S.
CENIT-WP-2019-01 Container Ship Size: which Dimensions Can Be Expected? Authors: Garrido, J., Saurí, S., Marrero, Á., Gül, Ü. and Rúa, C.
CENIT-WP-2017-01 Study of the main trends affecting the Port of the Future Authors: Raventós, E., Saurí, S., Rúa, C.
CENIT-WP-2017-02 Optimization of Traffic Lights settings for a new tram line in the city center of Barcelona Authors: Rosell, F., Saurí, S.
CENIT-WP-2016-01 Evaluating air emission inventories and indicators from cruise vessels at ports Authors: Martin-Alcalde, E., de Melo Rodríguez, G., Murcia-González,J.C
CENIT-WP-2016-02 Improved heuristic algorithm to solve the block relocation problem in perpendicular-block sea-side terminals Authors: Gálvez. J., Martin-Alcalde, E., Morales-Fusco, P., Cesar, E., Saurí, S.
CENIT-WP-2015-02 Management of smart on-demand transport services at a urban context. Barcelona case study Authors: Cuevas, V., Estrada, M., Amat, C., Salanova, J.M.
CENIT-WP-2015-03 Environmental Rail Charges in Europe: a critical review Authors: Pons, A., Ubalde, L.
CENIT-WP-2015-04 Environmental rail charges in Europe. Effects on rail business Authors: Pons, A., Ubalde, L.
CENIT-WP-2015-05 Environmental rail access charges and impacts on modal split Authors: Pons, A., Ubalde, L.
CENIT-WP-2015-06 Internalizing noise and pollution externalities into railway charges Authors: Pons, A., Ubalde, L.
CENIT-WP-2014-02 Optimal space for storage yard considering inventory fluctuations and terminal performance Authors: Martín, E., Kim, K.H., Saurí, S.
CENIT-WP-2014-05 Parking slot assignment for urban distribution: models and formulations Authors: Roca-Riu, M., Estrada, M., Fernández, E.
CENIT-WP-2013-01 Comparing manned and automated horizontal handling equipment at container terminals. A productivity and economical analysis Authors: Saurí, S., Morales-Fusco, P., Martín, E., Benítez, P.
CENIT-WP-2013-03 Scanners at the land access of a container terminal. Optimal location and quantity Authors: Saurí, S., Morales-Fusco, P., Spuch, B.
CENIT-WP-2013-06 Pricing strategy for a regular shipping line operating with Ro-pax vessels Authors: Morales-Fusco, P., Saurí, S., Serra, J.