Researcher Domingo Peñalever Published Doctoral Thesis

Domingo Peñalver Tesis Doctoral

Dissertation of the doctoral thesis “Intergenerational Redistributive Effects Due to the Financing Formula of Investments in Transport Infrastructure Financing. A Microeconomic Analysis”

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CENIT signs Letter of Intent in South Korea

CENIT signed a Letter of Intent to work on the Smart City Challenge project with the government of the City of Suwon, in South Korea.

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Power of alliances: How can ports deal with risks?

Publication from our colleague Ümit Gül at the Innovation by Port de Barcelonas site.

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CENIT awarded LASHFIRE Project

CENIT has been selected for the Legistlative Assessment for Safety Hazards of Fire and Innovations in Ro-Ro Ship Environment (LASHFIRE) project of the EU Horizon 2020 program.

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