Analysis of taxes and port services costs in Ro-Ro terminals. A proposal for a cost observatory

Client: Fundación Estudios Portuarios (FUNESPOR)
Dates: 2012-2013
Participants: CENIT, Facultat de Nàutica de Barcelona (FNB)

One of the essential elements of the port competitiveness is the efficiency and productivity of the cargo handling services at terminals.

In this context, this project aims to make an assessment of the level of efficiency and competitiveness of the main Ro-Ro terminals in ports of general interest. For this reason, the following activities were carried out: an analysis of production factors in the processes taking place at the terminals, a detailed analysis of the costs incurred on the scale operations and an assessment of the level of quality perceived through interviews.

In order to make an assessment of the level of efficiency and competitiveness of terminals it has been defined a multicriteria indicator to evaluate the main attributes of the terminals and the operational processes and compare them with an optimal or reference value for each case. This has detected the strongest and determinants aspects of each terminal and those that require improvement to achieve higher efficiency ratios.

On the other hand, it has been developed a cost calculator to quantify the cost of the scale operations in ro-ro port terminals. This will give transparency to this processes and it will improve competitiveness in the port services provided.